Bail Enforcement Agents

What Bail Enforcement Agents Do

Bail Enforcement Agents locate and arrest bail fugitives that refuse to appear in court on the required dates.  Bail Enforcement Agents provide a level of excellence that is based in constant training and attention to detail from the beginning of an investigation through remandment of the fugitive to the jurisdiction in which he fled.  All required paperwork (bailpiece, recognizance and recovery forms) are returned back to the bondsman promptly after affecting the fugitive arrest in order to clear the bondsman’s obligation to the court in a timely manner.  A Bail Enforcement Agent’s business is making a bondsman’s more profitable while allowing him/her to sleep easier at night knowing they have a dedicated team of professional bail enforcements agents ready to help them at a moment’s notice if the bailee has skipped their court date, gone on the run, or if there is another legitimate reason to revoke the bond.


Work Environment

Bail Enforcement Agents work in a number of environments, depending on the case on which they are working. Some time is spent in their offices conducting computer searches and investigative pretext phone calls.  Much more time is spent in the field conducting interviews and performing surveillance from a vehicle or in other ways while remaining inconspicuous. And finally, agents preform the act of arresting, searching, and transporting their fugitive back to the court from which they fled.  This is sometimes very dangerous work, but is very fulfilling after you return your fugitive back to the custody of the court.

How to Become a Bail Enforcement Agent

Bail Enforcement Agents in Virginia are required to be licensed with the Department of Criminal Justice Services.  In order to become a licensed Bail Enforcement Agent in the Commonwealth of Virginia, a person must be 21 years of age, complete the required 40 certified course, have a GED or high school diploma, and be a citizen or legal resident alien. A background check will be completed by the Virginia State Police and the FBI prior to the issuance of a license to protect the industry from unfit and unscrupulous persons trying to become agents.


The pay is generally based off a percentage of the bond amount and is typically around 10-15%.  More can be charged by an agent once he has established a rapport with his bondman that shows he can be relied upon to bring in fugitives in a timely manner without unneeded incidents.  Expenses and higher percentages can be obtained if agreed upon between parties.

Job Outlook

As a Bail Enforcement Agent, you have an individual license which means you can work as many hours as you desire for as many bondsman as you wish as an independent contractor.  You pay from the bondsmen will directly correspond to the amount of fugitive arrests you effect or facilitate.

Similar Occupations

Some other occupations that are similar to Bail Enforcement Agents are Private Investigators that perform investigations on a multitude of reason for their clients, Personal Protection Specialists (also known as Executive Protection or ‘bodyguards’) that provide close personal protection from body harm to their clients, and Armed Security Officers who safeguard and protect the lives and property of others.


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